Interview with Heather Callahan-Stevens


Q: How did you get started as an actress?
Heather: My first grade teacher recommended that I take acting classes because I was always performing stories for my classmates and was always the most committed to my make believe characters and friends. I started taking classes at 6 and was hooked.

Q: What roles are you best at playing?
Heather: I’m best at playing women who are stern, determined, and ruthless who constantly guard against softer, feminine impulses trying to emerge.

Q: is there a director whose work you admire and with whom you would like to work?
Heather: I’d love to work with David Fincher. I’ve been especially affected by how he can make an antisocial character like Zuckerberg in The Social Network so compelling and, yes, even relatable. It resonates in The Social Network, Seven, House of Cards, and Fight Club.

Q: Do you have a wish list of directors?
Heather: Oh, absolutely. In addition to Fincher, I’d love to work with Rob Reiner, Gore Verbinski, Joe and Anthony Russo, JJ Abrams, Joss Whedon, Stephen Spielberg (of course), Scott Derrickson, Ridley Scott, Ron Howard, Sam Mendes, David Yates, Joachim Ronning, and Espen Sandberg.

Q: What is your background?
Heather: I’m a child of the theater who wanted nothing more than to become the story and to attract people into the adventure of it and enjoy it with me.